For the first in about 25 years, Dirk Hooper is offering a limited print run of artwork.

This started when Steve Shank, who is buddies with Walt Thompson, and a frequent participant in our weekly Taskforce: Geek show saw Dirk’s Anya Taylor-Joy painting and asked if he did prints.

Well, that’s something he’s been thinking about for about the last six months, so he figured if he had some interest with this piece then now is the time.

This piece is of Anya Taylor-Joy. When he saw her look at the Golden Globes he was blown away with her hair and her dress and Dirk really wanted to do some artwork with her. He also wanted to experiment with a new painting style.

As you can see, this limited-edition print is 11”x17” and has Dirk’s name, the name of the piece and his rose illustration on it. He’s left room under the art to show you what number this addition is and to sign it.

This limited edition print run will be ten and ten only, and he’s offering them for $20 plus shipping and handling. Once they are gone, they will be gone forever.

If you’re interested in this print you’ll be dealing with Dirk directly, but he’s going to be selling them through Rain King Studios, so please contact him at

Dirk is excited about offering a print run and he appreciates all the support you all give him! Your support could help him create more art! Seriously.