Scott Prime, Shawn Wilson, and Dirk Hooper are joined by competitive gamer CaseyJane, who is also known as Little Miss Fury, on tonight’s episode of Taskforce: Geek!

CaseyJane also known as Little Miss FURY, is 21 and from Massachusetts. She’s a registered nurse, a wrestling nerd, and a Twitch streamer. She has been in the competitive Call of Duty community since 2013 and in the Call of Duty Zombies community since 2011. She’s a member of the SRG Universe where she is a 4 time Rolling Champion and former RCW Heavyweight Champion.

You can find her over at: or


  1. The Snyder Cut, The Ayer Cut, and the Feig Cut

“According to WarnerMedia chairman and HBO Max head Bob Greenblatt, the infamous Snyder Cut of Justice League “does not exist.” Yet. But as was revealed last week, HBO Max is going to be providing funding so Snyder can make a finalized version, and one report claimed the new streamer would be spending $30 million to make that happen.”

“Writer/director David Ayer has been incredibly vocal about how his original vision for Suicide Squad differed greatly from the theatrical release. From posts of Jared Leto in charred Joker makeup to apocalyptic and vague screenshots of concept art connecting the film to Justice League, Ayer has given DC fans a veritable smorgasbord to feast themselves upon.”

“There’s a three and a half hour cut of Ghostbusters: ATC I’d be happy to share.” Paul Feig

– Have we unleashed new streaming versions of every movie on the planet now?

– Is this is case of toxic fandom winning?



  1. The Last Of Us Part II May Have Been Banned In Some Countries

“If The Last of Us Part II is banned in the Midlde East, it would be the latest controversy in the game’s complicated history and comes in the wake of someone leaking a series of major plot points.”


CaseyJane/ Little Miss FURY

– What is a Twitch Streamer?

– What is the Competitive Call of Duty community?

– Tell us more about the SRG community and your role.

– Tell us more about you, what you’re into, and what you have planned next.


  1. Favorite Horror Video Game


  1. After only one season, Ruby Rose is leaving the role of Batwoman

Deadline reported on May 19 that Rose won’t be returning in the role of Batwoman for Season 2 on the Arrowverse series. She released a statement to the site.

“I have made the very difficult decision to not return to Batwoman next season,” the statement read. “This was not a decision I made lightly as I have the utmost respect for the cast, crew and everyone involved with the show in both Vancouver and in Los Angeles.”


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